We are farmers under the name ZP. “Dionysius – E. Dimitrov” for many years, and for 5 years now we have gone completely to organic farming.
We manage vineyards on the outskirts of Varna, and recently a small raspberry garden, for which many people care with great care. We have planned from ours
vineyards and gardens through the brand “REALITY” to produce and present ONLY natural and high quality products that touch the end customer
leave a clear and memorable imprint on the user, make him return again and again with a smile at Us.

       Farmer’s markets, fairs and direct sales events are among our favorite, because through them we not only promote but also receive feedback and
we feel people’s attitude towards what we do. The direct contact with the customer is very pleasant. Through the tasting, you can see the wide heart smile in the eyes of
the person in front of you, who shared his spontaneous impressions. Guided by our senses, in addition to traditional organic wines, we also created a series of FRUIT WINES and PRODUCTS
– Natural Raspberry and Cherry wine, combinations of Cherry with Merlot and Raspberry with Mavrud, and already Aronia with Mavrud…. J The common thing with all of them is that
except that they are made entirely from bio-certified raw materials, fruits and grapes, they are also liked and sought after by people with sophisticated taste and made in small
batches prepared with great care and love. Extremely suitable as a nice gift, for sharing with loved ones and loved ones or just as a wonderful
end of the day…. .

       Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be in key management positions at some of the largest wineries in Bulgaria.
I was also a wine technician, marketing manager and even CEO. However, none of this has so far been as enjoyable as my sense of development,
as a small producer of high quality boutique wines. This really motivates and makes us happy not only my team but also ours.


Fast-growing brand of wines and wine products from ORGANIC ingredients, BIO or in the process of BIO certification

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